The studio, space is over 220m². Primarily used for video & photography, be it still-life, fashion or advertising the studio space can be used for events or even courses. At G2 STUDIO we offer our clients the use free & rented equipment and a kitchen where your team can eat in peace. This makes it an ideal place for food photography.

Shooting area & Kitchen

The photography studio features several areas; a curved cyclorama 6x6m, an area with tables where stylists can prepare the model or for still life photography and a kitchen for food photography. Please refer to the plan below to get a better idea of the areas. The cyclorama area features a skylight that can be opened and closed for a daylight or blackout effect. There is also hi-speed Wi-fi, music, tea and coffee making facilities.

Free Equipment

We include basic photo equipment in the the price. 4 flash heads (400 watt), 2 soft boxes, 3 umbrellas + 2 reflectors 18cm, 20/30 degree grid spots, snoot, 4 tungsten continous lights (2x2000 & 2x1000 watt), wind-up boon, small boon, 3-way camera tripod, large studio tripod, various other tripods, 8 autopole, 7 poliboards B/W (3x1m), cubes, various clamps & gels, frost, cinefoil, 4 clothes rails, printer, iron and steamer.

Broncolor Rental

If you need extra material to shoot we have Broncolor equipment on site. Including a Scorro S 3600 generator, 2 pulso-G 3200 J light heads, 2 Serios 800 monolight heads, Eizo monitor coloredge 27, octa, various softboxes, para 166, reflectors, beauty dish, grids... for the full list in PDF format with prices please click here. Broncolor Icon


Check out our studio space and some of the projects made in each area.


Highly competitive

€250 a day, €150 half day (4hrs).
€50 Supplement for use of the kitchen. €50 Supplement for use of the limbo. The studio is open 7 days a week from 9.00 To 18.00. Overtime costs €40 for every hour. We have special rates for students & repeat customers.

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